MadRoc Games, much like the cups of Temperance, are a combination of two unlike components melded together to bring ancient understandings into the modern age.

Jason Adam is the Creative Director, specializing in symbolism, game design and the writing for this project. He set the theme for the tarot deck so that the artists could be free to explore the meanings of the cards. A Libra, born in Allentown Pennsylvania at the crack of dawn, Jason is the driving force keeping the engine running.

After five years as a U.S. Marine, he dedicated himself to healthcare and has been a practicing pharmacist since 1999. Falling in love with astrology, tarot, alchemy and all things metaphysical, Jason looked forward to making a deck that is symbolically significant while keeping in step with today’s beliefs and inclusive atmosphere. An avid gamer since the eighties, he was overjoyed to combine his understanding of tarot and his love of games.

Joel Frock is co-founder and Art Director. His responsibilities include artistic card design and project management. He works diligently to create a bridge between the symbolic needs of the designer and the artists’ creative focus. Joel worked closely with Jason developing the rules of the game. An Aquarius, born in Baltimore, Maryland under a full moon with snow in the air, he acts as the “mad scientist” of the duo.

He has always been fascinated by science and history, but Joel’s love of art culminated in a BFA in Sculpture from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2000. His years of role-playing experience including DMing at GenCon from 2006-2008 have been invaluable in this endeavor. Joel’s love of painting has deepened over the years and whether its studying with the legendary comic book artist, Larry Elmore, or holding weekly sessions with his uncle Greg have brought rich content and wide-ranging experience to his artistic direction.

Joel and Jason had been friends for nearly two decades before deciding to write a gaming supplement for role-playing games. What came next was a completely new strategy card game based on tarot. After a few brainstorming sessions, the concept for TaroQuest was born. Realizing they needed each other’s talents  to make such an ambitious project succeed, they took a chance on themselves by investing a large sum of money in the commission of new artwork for the game.

Brightwork Tarot: Golden Lotus Edition is that reader deck. Filled with pride and admiration for the artwork created by the talented artists involved, the decision was made to share the deck independently. Future plans include publishing new editions of TaroQuest games and Brightwork decks showcasing different collections of artwork. In each edition, a fresh new vision of tarot is explored while still maintaining the meanings of the cards themselves.

Join MadRoc on a quest to share the concepts of astrology, tarot,  karma, fate and destiny with a world of people desperate to find meaning in their lives. Soon these concepts will be presented in a fun, yet educational game called TaroQuest. Take a chance on Jason and Joel, like they did on themselves, and all of the incredible artists who contributed such beautiful artwork. The TaroQuest Game and the Brightwork Tarot decks will continue to be made with the highest quality standards. The integrity, meaning and purpose to astrology and tarot will be maintained throughout these and all future endeavors. It is easy to recognize MadRoc’s dedication to the original concept while improving and deepening the the cards’ meaning whenever possible.

Thank you for your time and your interest.  Please consider supporting this Kikstarter.

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